15 Facts about UNILAG Most People Don't Know!

Are you a prospective student, a current student, or you are simply curious about UNILAG, one of Nigeria’s top universities? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll show you hot facts about UNILAG that only students know!


The University of Lagos (UNILAG) is popularly regarded as the School of First Choice and the Nation's Pride, and  it was founded in 1962.

 That's enough intro, let's dive right into this article!

  1. Jaja and Moremi hostels are known as the best male and female hostels, respectively, and they are both located on the main campus area. But from experience, I can tell you that they are overhyped. They are usually overpopulated, and you will see signs and wonders lol.
  2. The love garden in front of the Senate building around the Faculty of Arts is not a love garden, except in the evenings. It’s usually where students take breaks in between classes or hang out with friends.
  3. Most female students shop for clothes at Yaba Market and food at Bariga Market, the markets closest to Unilag. But because of packaging, you could swear that they go to boutiques.
  4. Jaja and Mariere hostels, always in competition against each other, are the most bubbly male hostels. Jaja is overpopulated, and has more space. Mariere is less noisy, though the rooms are a bit smaller than Jaja rooms.
  5. Kofo Hostel is the cleanest female hostel—as much as a public hostel can be clean—and Honours is the most boring because of its distance from main campus and other hostels.
  6. The water in Honours hostel has been bad for years now. Hopefully, the school decides to solve the eight year old problem soon.
  7. Always be prepared for squatters and floaters in whatever hostel you are in. You could be 30 people in a 7 man room, although this depends on if the roommates are okay with it. When I was a student, each bonafide roommate could have only one squatter - I made that clear and they agreed.
  8. Balloting for a hostel is tagged survival of the fittest. Make sure that different people are balloting for you in different locations. We usually offer balloting services, because you could be on your laptop all day and still not get a bedspace after trying to ballot.
  9. Boy’s quarters on campus are more expensive than apartments or hostels outside campus, with the most expensive being the ones at CITS. You could get a room for 800k!
  10. The most popular hangout spot for lovers is Lagoon Front.
  11. Most students just want to graduate when they are halfway through their course. LOL Everybody gets tired at some point
  12. The cheapest and most filling meal on campus is ewa agonyin (beans and bread).
  13. First-semester students’ results are usually better than second-semester results because of the many distracting entertainments and activities in the second semester.
  14. Creative art students always host live shows, dramas, and various performances.
  15.  You need to understand the course, and the lecturer if you want to get an A. No two lecturers are the same!

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