Unilag Hostels : A Complete Description of the Hostels in Unilag (2022)

 Many years ago, we had an article about Unilag Hostels, and that article has thousands of views and stills gets plenty views everyday. This is why I thought about making a more recent blog post about unilag hostels. Enjoy.

At the time of writing this blog post, there is an intense ASUU strike that started in February 2022. Read my prediction on when the 2022 ASUU Strike will end if you are interested.

Unilag Hostels


Are you a fresher or a returning student and you want to stay in a UNILAG Hostel based on the fact that it is near to classes unlike living outside the school which is actually more expensive? In this article, I will be talking about UNILAG male and female hostels. Not only that, I will talk about what living in a regular UNILAG hostel is like!

How Many Hostels Does UNILAG Have?

UNILAG has a total of fifteen hostels, six for males, seven for females, and two mixed hostels (male and female). Some of these hostels are for undergraduates, and some others for postgradute (masters and PhD students).

UNILAG Male Hostels

There are six (6) male hostels in UNILAG. These are their names:

  • Eni Njoku Hall
  • King Jaja Hall
  • Mariere Hall
  • Saburi Biobaku Hall
  • Sodeinde Hall
  • The El Kanemi Hall

Let's look at the male hostels, one after the other, then the female hostels.

Eni Njoku Hall

Eni Njoku Hall is a male hostel around new hall. It is almost directly opposite the Unilag Pharmacy and is a nice hostel, in terms of location and how you can access anything sold in New Hall without having to get a cab. Even if you have classes on main campus area, it is easily trekkable.

The rooms in Eni Njoku are considered small and portable. This, however, makes it quite uneasy for squatting and congestion. When there is no light in school, my God, there is an annoying smell that radiates the entire atmosphere, because the hostel does not have big rooms like the others, and Eni Njoku boys do not have a good hygiene (no shades).

Eni Njoku Hall is not too rugged, noisy and loud. The residents of this hall keep it calm and down, so if you’re an introverted type and you want to keep it that way, this might be your hall, as it’s an easy-going place.

King Jaja Hall

The Great Jaja hall has different room sizes, from rare 2-man rooms to 16-man rooms. The hostel was named after the famous King Jaja of Opobo.

King Jaja Hall hostel has some exciting features including a common room where residents watch soccer, and a reading room where you can enjoy reading in a quiet atmosphere. But sha, remember, it’s a male hostel.

Sadly, the sanitary condition is poor and this is because some people are dirty. Sometimes, you could walk into a toilet and the previous human being forgot to flush his poo, and the sight of his poo takes away your desire to ease yourself! On the brighter side, it’s close to some amazing faculties. The faculty of Science, Engineering, Law, Art, Department of Business Administration, and Mass Communication.

Are you an early bird? Do you like attending lectures early? If yes, then this hall might do for you.

Did I mention that Jaja is very populated? Oh yes! It’s very populated, and lively, just like Moremi Hall. Not forgetting, King Jaja Hall is fun!

Mariere Hall

Mariere hall is one of the neatest and well kept male hostels. In fact, I think Mariere hall is a better version of Eni Njoku and a quiet version of Jaja. It is just there.

Mariere Hall has a steady water supply,and a neutral atmosphere.

Also, it is close to the Faculty of Arts, Engineering, and commercial banks in the school. Isn’t it amazing? It is not as bubbling as Jaja Hall though, but I did enjoy my stay here, except that some guys there are obviously ***.

Saburi Biobaku Hall

Biobaku hall is in Education area, just beside the female Kofo Ademola hall. It is a cool atmosphere, and if you are an education student, you will love it. Else, you will have to take cab to campus most times. I have been there on few occassions and it is a BIG hall indeed.

Sodeinde Hall

Sodeinde hall is a hall in New hall. Each room, on an average, has about eight occupants. It is actually at the center of new hall area. This hall was recently renovated, and that is why it is a bit more expensive than the other regular hostels. I have not been inside the hall before, but I heard that the rooms are small, beautiful, and classic. Don’t expect less!

The El Kanemi Hall

Don't believe what other blogs tell you. This hall was renovated for close to six years and just opened. You cannot ballot for this hostel yet, because it is seeming like it is being privatized. I am not sure yet though.

UNILAG Female Hostels

We have seven (7) female hostels in UNILAG. The female hostels are;

  • Fagunwa Hall
  • Kofo Ademola Hall
  • Madam Tinubu Hall
  • Honours Hall
  • Queen Amina Hall
  • Makama-Bida Hall
  • Queen Moremi Hall

Fagunwa Hall

This hostel has rooms similar to Makama Hall. It’s a four occupant hostel (Two Double Bunk Beds).

The rooms are neat, and the surroundings are superb, according to what I heard. I am a guy lol.

Kofo Ademola Hall

This hostel is popularly known as Madam Kofo Hall. It has large rooms, and is located in Education area, just beside Biobaku hall, so, going to class early might pose a problem.

Madam Kofo Hall is very comfortable. For a determined student, nothing is impossible.

Madam Tinubu Hall

It is also known as MTH, Alhaja’s hall. It is located in the new hall and is a four occupant hostel.

The rooms are like that of Fagunwa and Makama Hall.

It is clean, with good sanitary and a conducive environment to support every student or resident.

Honours Hall

This hostel is located on the outskirts of the school’s main area, around the DLI area close to UNILAG second gate to be specific.

Residents of this hostel face water supply issues, even when there is a good water supply, the water is not always neat.

Queen Amina Hall

It is a four occupant hostel. The rooms are relatively small, and the storage lockers are outside the room.

It’s close to the main gate and Faculty of Education, so, if you’re an education fresher or student, this hall might help you meet up for lectures.

Makama-Bida Hall

In this hostel, each room has two double bunks. It has a poor water supply and isn’t too hygienic.

Regardless, it offers housing, and comfortability, like the rest of the work is left to you.

Queen Moremi Hall

It’s the largest female hostel in terms of compound size. It has four types of a room of different capacities.

It has a 4-man room, 6-man room, 8-man room, and 10-man room.

The water supply is very good and the hostel has excellent facilities.

Just like Jaja, it has a common room for students to relax and catch fun.

Moremi Hall is neat and spacious. Most students in this hall are model-like ladies, and just like Jaja, it’s populated and fun!

UNILAG Mixed Hostels

UNILAG also has some mixed hostels (Male and female) for post graduate students only. They are;

  • Henry Carr Hall
  • Erastus Akingbola Hall

How much is hostel fee in UNILAG?

The least price of university of Lagos hostel is 25,000 naira and the highest and best goes for 65,000 to 85,000 naira.
If you don’t want to live inside the school you can go for some off campus hostels in UNILAG but off campus accommodation/lifestyle is much more expensive.


There is no perfect hostel in UNILAG. Many of the buildings are old, and you should not expect a very good toilet system, water supply or a bath tub. If you happen to be unlucky and have an annoying roommate, you will certainly hate the experience and remember it for a long time.

Likewise, here is no bad hostel in unilag actually. What we have are two problems:

  1. Poor maintenance/administration
  2. Poor maintenance from students.

I hope you enjoyed this article concerning UNILAG Accommodation and hostel options.

If you are a student, we would like you to share your Unilag Hostel life experiences in the comment box below.

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