How to Register for WAPIC and LAGMOBILE in UNILAG for Hostel Bedspace Registrations

If you got hostel bedspace, and you want to register your bedspace, I put out a list two days ago and one thing that many UNILAG students do not understand is where to register for Lagmobile or Wapic. So today, I will be giving a very simple explanation as regards where and how to register for your WAPIC and Lagmobile

How to Register for LAGMOBILE in Unilag for Hostel Bedspace Registration

The registration for Lagmobile is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is to visit the DSA's office, and you will see a placard right in front of it, indicating where the officials are waiting for you.
The DSA's office is located right in the centre of the school campus area, on the road directly opposite GT Bank.

How to Register for WAPIC in Unilag for Hostel Bedspace Registration

The registration for WAPIC is a little less-straightforward, but I will simplify it for you.

To register for your WAPIC,

1. Visit Accessbank in school (New Hall area) and enter the bank. Inside the bank, you will be required to pay #350 only, and a receipt will be generated for you

2. Visit the DSA's office with the receipt given to you from Access bank. Present it and you will be given a WAPIC slip with your details.

Hope this information helped you. Remember that sharing is caring! 

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