Unilag Balloting is 23rd of October 2023 - How to Get Bedspace!

 Good day guys. It has been a while since you heard from the Number 1 reliable Balloting plug for Unilag Students, and the most reliable platform to get the latest Unilag Admission and Balloting updates - us.

Balloting is taking place this coming Monday, and we have few tips to help you secure a bedspace.

Are we going to help some people ballot as usual? YES.

Initially, our team decided to be on a lowkey, until we got an email today. Someone needed help with balloting and was asking us how it would go this year.

Also, we saw that other people billed as much as 60k to help students ballot. We understand that it is because of the number of people they are getting - and they want to maximize their resources.

How Many Slots Do We Have?

At Unilagupdates, we would be helping only seven students to ballot - at the rate of 40,000 only.

But we have terms and conditions to ensure that you get your bedspace (90% success rate), or you are settled if you don't get (we will give you a 40% refund, and assist you to either get another space, a cheap apartment, or a good bonafide) - and other balloting services do not care about these factors!

Getting UNILAG Hostel Bedspace (Terms and Conditions)

For us to be able to ballot for you and get bedspace, you will need to adhere to these instructions carefully. This Friday, we will send you an email with special instructions to guide you and make sure it goes well. We will ballot for you ourselves, with our high-speed Fibre and 5G internet options!

  1.  You must have paid your school fees before paying, and at least registered one course
  2. You must give us the correct portal details. Don't change the password

If you are interested, please send us an email now, with the Subject 'Ballot for me please', and we will send you the payment instructions immediately. 

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