Invest Just 10,000 naira to Learn this thing and Never be Broke Again!


Hello today. Today, I want to show you how to make money even as a new session is about to start in UNILAG.

I have created an opportunity for you, and if you are smart enough to sacrifice as low as 10,000 to learn this skill, I assure you that you will never run out of money, and opportunities.

From year one, I stopped depending for the next allowance from my parents in order to survive in school, because before I got into school, I had learnt some skills that I knew would be in demand.

One of those skills is...


What Will You Learn From Me?

If you join this training, I will teach you how to make sweet graphic designs, and how to make money with the skill.

How Beneficial Is This Investment?

In year one, I used to charge 1k for a flyer and 2k for a logo
In year two, I used to charge 2k for a flyer and 2k for a logo
In year 3, I used to charge 3k for a flyer and 5k for a logo.
In year 4, I charged 6k for a flyer and 9k for a logo.
Right now, I charge from 8k and above for a flyer and from 10k for a logo (depending on the urgency and complexity).

Imagine if I teach you all you need to know to start charging at least 5k for a flyer? 
That means that by making just 4 flyers, you will make your 10k back - and you can do that in JUST a day!

More Details About This Investment

More details about this opportunity can be found on the flyer below. For 14 days, you will get solid design experience!

If you have any question, please comment below!

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