Hostel Registration for UNILAG Students Date for 2021/2022 Session

According to the official school calendar for UNILAG, the school has officially resumed. Many students have been wondering when they will be able to move into their school hostels (for those that got bedspace), so we had to visit school to make enquires from an inside source.

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Why The Delay?

Students have not been invited to register for hostels yet, because the last batch of the Distance Learning Intitute (DLI) students just left the same Hall of residence few days ago, so, regular students cannot move in immediately.


When Will Students Begin Hostel Registeration

According to our inside source, hostel registration will begin from Saturday, 27th November 2021. He stated confidently that the school had officially slated November 29th, but some hostel officials are deliberating whether they should start on Saturday instead. Whatever happens depends on the outcome of the current meetings.

What To Do If You Did Not Get UNILAG Bedspace

Many students did not get bedspace, and if you fall into that category, I have some words of advice for you:

  1. Do not panic-buy bedspace. Apart from the fact that buying bedspace is 'unofficially-illegal' in school, which means that the school will not help you if you get yourself in trouble from being scammed or the likes, you are more likely to buy an affordable space if you wait a bit.
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  3. If you have to buy bedspace, make sure you buy from an identifiable and verified source.


What To Do if you Got UNILAG Bedspace

If you got bedspace, it is better to complete your WAPIC and Lagmobile registrations.

For Lagmobile, visit the DSA's office front to get it done for 700 naira only. DSA's office is opposite GTBank on Main campus. 

One More Thing

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