How To Ballot And Get Bedspace Easily As A UNILAG Student

 Every single student of UNILAG understands the term, 'Balloting' very well, and the reason why is not far fetched. The University of Lagos does not have enough accomodation for all the students. Therefore, every academic year, students that are interested in the school hostels must ballot for a bedspace.

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Now, you may have heard the truth - which is that getting a bedspace is not easy at all. In fact, many students believe that it is by luck, and some students pray seriously before the balloting season, all because of how hard it is to get a bedspace in UNILAG.

At, we help students to ballot every year. This year, we will be helping six students only, as we have only six slots. But because we realize that we cannot help everybody, and we want you (the person reading this article) to get your own bedspace, we will show you how you can ballot and  get bedspace easily, especially because of the coming balloting this October.

Why Is It Difficult to Get a Bedspace in UNILAG?


At least 24 hours before the “D-day”, an average UNILAG student would have contacted friends, parents and relations across Nigeria, and even in the Diaspora, to help them ballot for bed space on the days of the exercise.

The students themselves would be up both in the night and during the day trying to get a bed space once the balloting commences. Most students would spend their days in cybercafés thereby jettisoning every other activity of those days, including lectures.

Owing to this huge invasion of, and traffic on, the accommodation portal, several of these students would not be able to log on to the portal successfully throughout the period of the exercise as there would always be a server breakdown.

Only a few students, who can deprive themselves of sleep, both night and day, are eventually lucky enough to get a bed space. It is always the survival of the fittest. Other unsuccessful students are worn out, disappointed and sad after their efforts had turned out to be futile.

The DSA’s office receives thousands of complaints every year during the balloting. Balloting for bed space in the University of Lagos is war.


 What Is The Secret To Getting A Bedspace In UNILAG?


 I am going to share my secret formula with you. 

If you want to get a bedspace in UNILAG successfully, you must understand the factors that surround balloting.

I have been balloting for students for the past four years, and I have gained mastery to a great level. That is why students pay me to help them ballot. 

And, no. It is not by using links. There is no secret portal or 'another website'.

Here is everything I do, and how I have gotten bedspace for many students over the years:

1. Good Internet:

The server used is very slow. So if you want to ballot and get bedpace successfully, you must make sure that if there will be anything like 'slow speed', it should not be from your end. I recommend that you use a very fast internet. And if you use any of the terribly slow ISPs in Nigeria (I am not mentioning names), you will definitely squat with your friend or enemy in the end.

2. Right Time:

The thing is that, the portal will be switched on at strategic times, and at other times, it will be switched off. During the time when it is on, students will be able to get bedspace. So the thing is that you will have to stay online and active in order to be fortunate enough to be on the website at the right time, to get bedspace.

3. Be Fast:

Get familiar with the student portal, so that you can scroll fast and click on the right buttons when the site loads. It is a rat race, remember.

Save Your Time and Energy!

The good thing is that, you can save yourself time and energy by getting my balloting service.

This year, I am balloting for ONLY three students of UNILAG. The first 3 to make payments will be considered.

Cost: 15,000 naira only

How to Apply For My service

All you need to do is to send me a mail, indicating your Name, Gender, Level, Hall of Residence and Department. I will respond to the first SIX (6) students ONLY.

When Is Balloting?

Balloting for undergraduates will take place on Thursday, October 28th 2021

Is there a Guarantee?

You have a 65% chance of getting bedsdpace through me. If you do not get it, you will be refunded 12,000. This is the worst case scenario. So actually, you have nothing to lose.

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