How Students Can Make Money before ASUU Strike Ends

Hello guys. As we all know, the ASUU has not concluded on her decision as to if schools will resume or not.

The long strike seems to be approaching an end, finally. Some students have learnt skills that landed them millions, some were involved in internships and others in research.

Can you, as a student, legitimately make some extra cash before school resumes? 


I am going to point you to a free article that will really open your eyes to opportunities to earn online!

This article is worth thousands of dollars (it is very detailed), so I suggest that you read it slowly and take notes.

How Students can make more Money before school Resumes

Read How to Make Money Online and I really wish you the best.

If you have a question, please ask in the comments section.

Time must not be wasted. You have to keep yourself busy and make money doing so.

Cheers- and Good luck!

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