COMPLETE Information About UNILAG 2020/2021 Postgraduate Entrance Exams

 Hello there! Today, I will be sharing complete information that concerns the forthcoming UNILAG 2020/2021 Postgraduate Entrance Exams.

I just hope you are ready for the ride. At, we sincerely want to tell you that the best way to pass the Entrance Exam no matter your course is by getting and studying past exam questions. We are not about to sell you a book. We care about you and just like you, we want you to get admitted. Permit us to show you how by reading this article carefully.

It’s no longer a secret that most of the courses repeat their exam questions from previous years.

unilag 2020/2021 postgraduate exams

Will The Exam Be Physical or Online?

The UNILAG 2020/2021 Postgraduate Entrance Exams will hold online.

What To Do if You Have Conflicting Exam Dates

Unilag has announced that everyone registered will get an email message from UNILAG on how and when to write their test online and time and date it will be between 10th to 13th of March.  

Please pay attention to the information sent to your mail. That is what you must follow!

What To Do If You Did Not Get Any Mail From Unilag

If you are yet to get any email message from the University, or if you already got and you want to be certain of the date and the time you will be writing your entrance exam, you can now get it via the same portal you registered for the program.

Follow the Instructions below.

  1. Visit and click on “Continue Applications” .
  2.  Login with your details such as Applications number and password. Note that your password is your surname in small letters. (Your application number is on your printed form, it’s the number that begins with an alphabet on top of the form you printed out after online submission)
  3. Follow the link that says “Print Exam Pass” on the top of the registration page. 
  4. On the exam pass, you will see all the details you need apart from the exam link.


For Undergraduates

All Undergraduates should download the UNILAG UNDERGRADUATE  EXAM TIMETABLE.

This is how to use the Safe Exam Browser



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