How Unilag Tests Went Today: Students Narrate Experiences

 While we were still excited as a result of Unilag extending the semester by two weeks- hereby pushing exams forward, we got wind of the fact that some tests held online today, through the Safe Exam Browser. Some students had a good experience, while many others shed warm tears.


Account one: Problem with Logging in

Many students found it hard to login on the Safe Exam Browser. We feel an orientation is meant to be held, or a proper tutorial and sample-tests should be officially held across all departments as that would help students to familiarize with the platform.
This student had a 20 minutes test but had to spend 15 minutes before she could start the test. It was a scary experience indeed!
Please finish reading this article. We have advice and recommendations that would help you have the best experience during the course of your tests and exams.

Account two: Safe Exam Browser Incompatible with PC

In our article yesterday, we warned students to download and install the Safe Exam Browser Immediately, as that would help prevent issues in the future. Some computers are finding it difficult to install the browser. If you can tackle it now, you will not have to cry when it is time for exams.

Advice/ Recommendations for Unilag students

To avoid stories that touch the soul, kindly adhere to the following: 

  1. Use a good network to browse. If possible, use a modem (as no one would be able to call you, thereby disrupting your network).
  2. Stay in a good environment. Your audio and video would be monitored live.
  3. Prepare adequately. While you are using the Secure Exam Browser, it would be impossible to minimize your browser or even see how you look like on the Zoom meeting that would run as your exam or tests start.
  4. Rename yourself on zoom in this format: Your matric number Your surname. For example, 180201005 Ajanlekoko.
  5. Pray. You need more than hardwork and luck.
Summary: The performance of students in the online tests was on an average, poor. Many of the failures were due to the fact that the website and browser to be used had issues. 
Good news is that we have been assured that the experience would be much better. The CITS is trying so hard to make sure that students have a smooth experience.

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  1. When I was done with my exam...I clicked submit....I saw something like "your changes have not been saved" and "token expired"....does it mean my answers unticked.


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