Balloting for Unilag Freshers-- Book a service now

Enjoy the opportunity of getting a unilag bedspace from us as a fresher! Less than 100 slots available.
As we all know, the balloting exercise for the unilag freshers in the 2017/2018 session would be on Thursday, 8th February 2018 and to be honest, it is a 'survival of the fittest issue'

How Hostel Balloting is done in Unilag

To ballot for a bedspace in unilag, you must have fulfilled the following conditions:
1. You should be a fresher (100l or DE)
2. You must  have paid your school fees
3. You should know how it works.

Sincerely and truthfully, it is stressful as more than 25,000 students would be balloting for less than 1000 spaces, so many freshers would be disappointed.

But I'm going to help less than 100 students get bedspace by balloting for you and trying my best to make you get a bedspace in your hall of residence.

You can be sure that your money is safe, and you would be refunded if at the end, all attempts from my end to get you a space in your hostel fails- so you get to lose nothing.
But like I said, assistance would be made to less than 100 freshers.

How to book a service

Follow these steps:
1. Send an email to and the email should contain the following:
(A) Your full name
(B) your matric number
(C) Gender
(D) portal password (to be used for logging in)
2. You'll receive a reply from and the reply would contain a bank account where you would need to transfer a sum of TWO THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED NAIRA only. After you transfer, you need to send a Receipt of the transfer/ a screenshot of the transaction to, alongside your account number. 
3. Once we get the receipt or evidence of transfer, we book down an appointment to ballot for you.

Please try to book the service before this week's thursday as balloting would begin on Thursday and we would do it in a first-come-first-served approach.
4. You would be notified by email from us after successful balloting and/ be refunded if unsuccessful. Note that the chances of we getting a hostel for the first 20 freshers are 90%. 

Please don't send us an email if you are not ready to pay.

If you have questions or reservations, kindly use the comments box below. Share this post to every fresher you know to help them!

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